LAST UPDATED: April 24th, 2016


Schedules Direct Inc. is a non-profit corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Washington, U.S.A.

Neither Washington State nor the United States of America have enacted comprehensive privacy statutes respecting the handling, use and retention of personal information, as are common in other jurisdictions. Nevertheless Schedules Direct recognizes and attempts to follow the spirit of such privacy statutes.

Users and subscribers should be aware that, in using the Schedules Direct website and in downloading schedules, they are necessarily consenting to Schedules Direct obtaining and retaining information which may be classified as "personal data" under some foreign statutes. Schedules Direct is not bound by those statutes.

What We Collect

To subscribe, we will ask you for the following:

When configuring the service we ask for geographic information so we may offer you a choice of lineups, and of course we know your chosen lineups.

We do not consider general location information alone as "personal data".

If you choose to pay for and continue your subscription, you will provide additional information to PayPal or another online payment provider. The payment provider may send us the name/email and other information you use with them, but we never see your credit card or other billing information and we have no need to "ship" anything to you.

These payment providers may provide other "personally identifiable information" as that phrase is defined in, for example, the Data Protection Act, UK. We undertake to obtain, retain and use that information solely for the purposes of effecting the membership transaction and for no other purpose.

Subscribers may wish to use an anonymous prepaid credit card or debit card to subscribe. Acceptance of such payment methods is at the discretion of our payment providers.

If you require technical support and contact us, we will typically communicate via email, so we will have that email address (which may differ from your account email).

The web and data servers collect technical access information, including the Internet Protocol Address and information about the browser software and operating system used, but nothing personal to the user.

How we share your data

We share aggregated data with vendors and approved applications.

Personally identifiable information is not shared at the request of any outside party, except under court order. We reserve the right to provide any information to the authorities or other outside parties if we suspect that the use of the Schedules Direct subscription is part of a scheme to circumvent the Copyright Act, or that Schedules Direct has been the victim of a breach of the Copyright Act or any other statute or if it appears that some other party has been a victim of an illegal act effected in whole or in part through the use of the Schedules Direct service.

Data Security

We believe that we have instituted appropriate measures to keep the information we collect secure from unauthorized access. The web site and its databases are hosted in secure facilities, and all backups are secured.


You consent and agree that we are entitled to obtain, retain and use this information for Schedules Direct's commercial purposes, and that the laws of the State of Washington apply to such collection, retention and use.